Healing Through Wholeness Meditation

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Healing Through Wholeness Meditation

This self-healing meditation contains two tracks: 1-"Meditation Preparation" (15 min) and 2-"Healing Through Wholeness Meditation" (35 min).

The "Meditation Preparation" track will help you to get the most out of the self-healing meditation.  The "Healing Through Wholeness Meditation" is a deep self-healing meditation that focuses on energetic wholeness and activating your body's natural healing abilities.  By filling your physical body up completely with your energy, you can push out the energy of your dis-ease and repair on a cellular level. 

This meditation is set to the 528 Solfeggio frequency, which is good for DNA repair, and also contains binaural beats to help your brain get ready for healing.  "Meditation Preparation" contains beta binaural beats (14, 20 + 26 Hz on various carriers) and the "Healing Through Wholeness Meditation" contains theta binaural beats (5, 6 + 7 Hz on various carriers).

for more information, visit www.soulfulnavigation.com   

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