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Look up.  Look Around.  Look Inside.  And see that Everything is Energy. 

In this club, we aim to normalize conversations about energy by talking about the energy of everyday things in a practical, grounded way that you can take into your life immediately. 

Experience yourself as energy one conversation at a time, see that we are all connected through energy and connect to a thoughtful & authentic community.



Clubhouse is a free social audio app, where people come together to have authentic conversations.  You show up with just your ears and your voice; there is no video, no likes and no comments.  You can listen in or share your thoughts.

We have met the most amazing people from around the world and have had some of the most meaningful and heartfelt conversations on Clubhouse.  Our experience is that Clubhouse is a great place to learn, connect, share and find community.  

In the "Everything is Energy" Club, we have thoughtful conversations about energy from many perspectives.  We believe that there isn't one "right" way to experience energy.  Instead, our community comes together to share and learn from each other.  Together we are raising the level of awareness and the global vibration one conversation at a time.

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