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Every Thursday, we have a live, free discussion on the Clubhouse app called "The Energy of..." Series in the "Everything is Energy Club" where we explore the energy of everyday things in an effort to demystify energy and discuss it in a practical & meaningful way. 

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Kristin Lemaster is an energy coach & founder of Soulful Navigation®.

Her PASSION is helping busy people who are exhausted, unfulfilled, and caught in a self-improvement cycle to get unstuck & let their spirit lead them into lasting transformation and the life that they crave.  

Kristin is a SCIENTIST and ENGINEER who has studied more than 30 energy modalities over the last 20 years.  

Her MISSION is to condense her extensive energy knowledge & experience into a simple and easy-to-implement program.  

Her signature program, SPIRITUAL SHORTCUTS FOR AN EASY & FULFILLING LIFE, is a blend of energy practices that she's found to be the most powerful and efficient for helping people create their best lives with their energy. 

The program is designed to help us DISSOLVE THE DISCONNECTION BETWEEN OUR SPIRITUALITY & OUR LIFE EXPERIENCES so we can live a more aligned life and have a greater impact on the world.

She also strives to nourish a supportive COMMUNITY where people can accelerate their personal and spiritual growth by sharing their journeys together.   

Saving people the time, money, overwhelm, and loneliness that it took her to tap into the power of her energy is the HEART of her business.

Read more about her story here.

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