the mind of a scientist, the soul of a healer


Highly Sensitive. Parent. Scientist. Engineer. Healer.

Kristin puts it all together to deliver energy medicine that draws upon more than 10 science-based methods + strategies for creating lasting habits.

Kristin Lemaster

MY STORY: From Scientist to Healer

When I was a teenager, I lost a friend to cancer.  It was so painful to watch him suffer and lose his future, and to see the devastating effects on his family and our community.  It made us all feel so powerless.  And personally, I was angry + confused that no one could find a way to help him.  I remember just knowing that there was something else out there – why didn’t his doctors see it?  But at the time, I lost track of this thought because I was so overwhelmed by the chaos of it all: it felt like I was feeling everyone’s grief in addition to my own.

Fast forward 10 years when I realized that I had built my life around protecting and worrying about my physical health.  Only, I wasn’t doing a very good job at the protection part.  I had many unexplained chronic symptoms – upset stomach, foot pain, infertility, anxiety and depression.  And I became so drained after being around people that I needed days to recover. No amount of supplements, therapy, yoga, flower essences, essential oils, juicing, coaching, meditating…you name it…seemed to have a lasting effect.  Thus began my quarter-life crisis, and I resigned myself to living an exhausted life where the best part of my day was falling into bed at night to sleep.

 Then came a magical discovery.  I re-lived that "knowing" moment I had as a teenager and re-discovered the fascinating, subtle world of energy that most of us are conditioned to tune out from an early age.  In fact, my first career was as a scientist+engineer: a safe place where I could let my analytical mind block out my sensitivity superpowers + healing gifts.  But once the door to the energy world opened, I used my scientific prowess to do a deep dive into science-based energy healing, from Reiki to quantum healing. And they all basically say the same thing: Everything is energy.  And everything we need to heal is already inside us.  We just have to learn how to reconnect to our energy, the energy of the universe and the energy of the earth. 

Today, I have healed my chronic symptoms and live a fulfilling life.  I still have my messy moments, but it doesn’t take long to filter out the negativity of the outside world and return to that feeling of wholeness.  Then, everything just flows.  I even have the honor of working with people with cancer to help them tap into some of this magic.

If I can do it, you can do it. Live your life from the inside out®.


Kristin leads several energy discussions every week on the Clubhouse app in her club "Everything is Energy". In this 1-hr conversation about "The Clearing Code" (of The Energy Codes® by Dr. Sue Morter), she discusses techniques for clearing out stuck emotions & energy from your body and aura.  In particular, we explore clearing out energy that has a lower vibration, does not belong to us or no longer serves us, and emphasize the importance of filling your cleared & expanded space with your unique energy.  It also includes two clearing meditations.  Enjoy!

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SOULFUL NAVIGATION was born in 2019 after 15 years of studying and practicing energy healing.

IMAGINE that you can create your own health using something that already exists inside you.  

EXPERIENCE energy healing and coaching that draws upon training in MORE THAN 10 SCIENCE-BASED ENERGY HEALING MODALITIES and combines that with proven strategies for creating lasting habits.

BREAK FREE of the negativity of the outside world and deeply connect with your energy for a healthy + vibrant life.


Kristin is one of the founders of the "Rooted in Three" Energy Mentoring Program & Community

The "Rooted in Three" Program and Community offers monthly workshops, seasonal ceremonies & a dynamic & supportive community focused on energy.  It offers special webinars, discounts & free gifts for its members.  

"Rooted in Three" is for everyone, regardless of education or skill level when it comes to energy.  It also doesn't matter what age you are, what you do for a living, what kind of family you come from...we all have our own unique energy that we can explore in a grounded and meaningful way that can change our lives.  All are welcome!