Disease begins as a disturbance in our energy field and then manifests in the physical body, through no fault of our own. 

Energy healing addresses this disturbance and activates our natural healing abilities. 


Energy healing is a non-invasive therapy also known as energy therapy, biofield therapy + energy medicine.  It is considered to be part of complimentary and alternative medicine (CAM).  In particular, energy healing is complimentary, or integrative, medicine, meaning that it can be used in conjunction with conventional treatment and doesn't require you to stop your therapies with western medicine.

Did you know....?


What results can you expect?

Energy healing can be used to find relief from symptoms + side effects, ease physical + emotional distress, help you + your family cope with the diagnosis, and boost your wellbeing.  For many energy healing modalities, there have been substantial published research indicating that energy healing appear to have promising physical, mental and spiritual health benefits.  

Energy healing has been used for thousand of years across many cultures, but modern science is just beginning to document the effects through animal control experiments and clinical trials.  The initial results are exciting!

The hardest part of energy healing is that it is not possible to predict the exact outcome or timing.  Healing often happens in bursts and goes where it is needed most, which may not necessarily be the symptoms or disease that your conscious mind craves.  At the very least, energy healing can help your body relax, open up to your natural healing abilities and return to balance.


Cancer Care is focused on restoring energetic balance and wholeness: when you are full of your own energy, there isn't room for anything else. 



"Active" Healing: You attend 1-hr live online healing sessions

"Background" Healing:  Healing sessions happen in the background while you relax without participation.

"Blended" Healing:  A mixture of both active and background healing sessions.

Reconnective Healing®: Reconnective Healing® is a return to wholeness and an optimal state of balance.  While it does not address specific symptoms, diagnoses or illnesses, there are many instances where returning to wholeness through Reconnective Healing® has improved life for those seeking relief from disease.


Every session except Reconnective Healing® (which has its own natural, stand-alone flow of energy) includes a combination of the following, depending on the individual's needs: