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life with less physical, emotional
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    “The program was fantastic! It helped me understand my personal energy and my energy interactions.”

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    “The program was fantastic; easy to integrate and understand."”

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    “This really helped me re-center.... I am deeply grateful for your generosity, healing presence, wisdom and clarity in the teachings. Precious.”


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When you increase your awareness of the subtle energy interactions that underlie all of your experiences, you can see how you can create change with less effort by first shifting your energy.

Your outer world is a direct reflection of your inner world.  When you do the "inner work" first, your outer world will automatically & easily align with your energetic growth and expansion.

It's all about the energy you put behind your actions.

And the best part? The possibilities are LIMITLESS when it comes to creating your best life with your energy.


You already have everything you need within you to create the life you deeply desire.

Anyone can tap into their energy and all of its inherent wisdom, healing vibrations & infinite potential.

You can learn, practice and build trust to simply allow the full expression of your soul to shine through & activate change.

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everything just falls into place & you can enjoy:

 More ease, joy & resilience
 Less resistance in your daily activities
 Incredible synchronicities
 Improved overall health & relationships
 Personal and soul-deep fulfillment
 A positive impact on the world

Staying on your spiritual path is all about experiencing yourself as energy and allowing your life to align with your energy, intuition & soul's purpose.


The 6-Week Challenge is a roadmap to help you explore and incorporate energy into your life efficiently and effectively based 20+ years of experience in more than 30 energy programs.

By the end of the challenge, you’ll be more deeply connected to your energy and have skills that you can use immediately for almost any situation to bring more ease, joy and soul-deep fulfillment into your life.

You'll also have lifetime access to a library of guided energy explorations that are designed to help you find your soul-lutions.  They vary in technique and are the ones I have found to be the most impactful.

It's easier than you think. And the possibilities are endless.

EBA 6-Week Challenge

WEEK 1 - Stop Trying

  • Tap into the power of accepting, allowing & receiving
  • Discover the missing link to lasting transformation
WEEK 2 - Deepen Your Connection To Your Energy
  • Practice different ways to connect to your intuition & energy
  • Find the ones that resonate the most with you
WEEK 3 - Meet Your Co-Creators
  • Realize the true potential of co-creating with the Earth & the Universe
  • Co-create with your Spirit Helpers, the spirits of people in your life and the frequencies around you
WEEK 4 - Clear the Resistance
  • Identify the energetic resistance in your life
  • Experiment with 3 different techniques to clear out the resistance
WEEK 5 - Create Your Life with Energy
  • 6 guided energy explorations to create soul-utions, experiences and your best life
  • Start to usher in ease & fulfillment
WEEK 6 - Time to Take Action
  • Let your energy guide you to take inspired action
  • Morning & evening meditations

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"It doesn't matter how fast you're going if you're moving in the wrong direction."

I saw this quote in a yoga studio and it felt like someone slapped me in the face.

At the time, I was hustling through life. I had a successful career. I was married. I was a homeowner. I traveled. I had friends. I was practicing yoga, for goodness sake.

My Story Pictures runner
My Story Pictures exhausted

In reality, I was struggling to get through my day-to-day life.  I felt apathetic and despondent and I couldn’t really pinpoint why. It felt like I was walking uphill through mud.

I was exhausted, unmotivated and plagued with chronic & often unexplainable symptoms. 

And I was spending a lot of time and money in the self-help sections of the world, jumping from one program to another.

From the outside, my life looked great, but something felt off; like I was trying to jam a square peg into a round hole. 

I had a soul-ache.

But this quote in the yoga studio made me pause and reassess my life.

I looked around and it was like I was seeing clearly for the first time, and I saw the truth of the path that I was on

It looked like a shiny but empty shell. 

I closed my eyes and made a commitment to myself to find another approach to my life and to banish that feeling of emptiness. 

EBA empty shell
My Story Pictures underlying energy

I started to formulate a new approach to my life and immediately found my way to programs that helped me tap into my life force energy. 

I realized quickly, though, that the intensity of my spiritual urgency only got me so far. Putting it into practice was more complicated than I anticipated.

The biggest challenge I faced right away was that there are SO MANY resources. I went from overwhelmed to frustrated to paralysis because I didn’t know how to explore my energy in an efficient and effective way.

Because of my science background, I gravitated toward the evidence-based programs. I made a list and started to systematically tested them.

Altogether, I’ve experienced more than thirty programs. I started with Reiki and moved to Reconnective Healing®, Intuition Medicine®, the Bengston Method®, Shamanic Healing, Reflexology, The Energy Codes®, intention healing, light language, EFT, meditation, mindfulness and programs from Dr. Joe Dispenza, Jean Houston, Tara Brach, Lynne McTaggert, Claire Zammit, Deepak Chopra, and others. 

I gained clarity when I started to see the overlaps and commonalities in these programs and found the practices that had the most impact on my personal growth.

My Story Pictures science
My Story family

I've since adopted an "energy before action" approach to life and can’t help but to be amazed every time I see the results, which range from miraculous to more simple synchronicities that have a positive impact on my daily life.

I also feel more peaceful and relaxed.  Things that I used to freak out about are now handled with less stress and anxiety.  I still have my messy moments, but the recovery time is much shorter. 

Of course, none of that compares to hearing about the incredible adventures of my fellow energy explorers.

I know it’s possible to create our life’s experiences with our energy.  I experience it every day and have had the joy and amazement of watching others achieve their dreams by working with their energy.

I also know that the subsequent ease and synchronicities open up the space and time for us to live out our life’s purpose, which can also be understood through energy work.

If I can save people the time, money, frustration and loneliness that it took me to tap into the power of my energy, then I will consider part of my life’s mission complete. 

I love to share the "energy before action" approach to life and witness the miracles unfold!

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An easy and fulfilling life awaits.  Start the Challenge today.