🌀 What is energy, anyway?

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Look up.  Look around.  Look within.  And see that everything is energy.

But, wait...what is energy, exactly? 

Energy goes by many names: life force energy, chi, soul, spirit, prana, original essence energy, among others.  And there are references to energy in almost every culture and religion around the world, dating back from the ancient shamanic and eastern traditions to modern quantum science.  But do we know what energy is? 

The answer is "not completely", but there is a lot that we can say about it.

In this interactive podcast from the Clubhouse app, we asked experts and novices alike what they thought energy was.  And the results were fascinating.  We heard energy is:

  • Frequency and vibration
  • Grace and Divinity
  • Creatorship and Purpose
  • Light, Information and Electromagnetics
  • Purpose and Heart
  • Infinite Potential
  • The thing about us that never changes

"Energy is life.  It is the beginning.  It is the end.  It is everything in between."

One of the key takeaways that everyone agreed on is that energy is something that must be EXPERIENCED.  We just don't have the words to describe it.

Listen to the replay and let us know what you think energy is!

And check out my mini-course "Everything is Energy" to explore these ideas on a deeper level.



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