"The Energy of..." Series

🪵 The Energy of...Wood

The energy of wood represents new growth, originality, ideas, and knowledge.  As we are cradled by wood in our homes, our offices and in nature, we are supported by its energy for our own growth and expansion. Listen to this magical interactive discussion to hear what people experience when they think about the energy of wood.

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🌎 The Energy of...the Earth

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We ARE earth energy.  We don't connect to earth's energy, nor are we separate from the earth.  We simply ARE earth's energy.  And the earth energy within us is just an extension of the earth's heartbeat. Acknowledging and experiencing the earth energy within us is a great way to cultivate a sense of support, stability and safety in our day-to-day lives. Listen in to this beautiful discussion to hear what others had to share about how they connect to and use the energy of the earth to enhance t…

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💧 The Energy of...Water

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The energy of water can bring balance, stillness, curiosity and resilience into our bodies, minds & lives. During this interactive podcast, we both heard and experienced the different ways that people use the energy of water to enrich their lives. Listen in and experience the energy of water for yourself!

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🔥 The Energy of...Fire

blog energy of fire

In the first episode of a 6-week series on "The Energy of...the Elements", we explored the energy of fire.

We asked listeners what they thought of when they heard the words "the energy of fire" and also how they bring fire into their lives. 

It was a very moving and heartfelt discussion.  We started off exploring fire as a foundational part of shamanic healing traditions and rituals, and then moved on to discussing the strong symbolism of fire representing our emotions and our essence.


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🌀 What is energy, anyway?

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Have you ever wondered what energy actually is? We hear people talk about energy all over the place but sometimes the discussions get overly complex and we forget what we are talking about. I've experienced this a lot and am on a mission to hear from others about what they think energy is and how they experience it. Listen to this fun and inspiring discussion to hear what they say!

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