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In the first episode of a 6-week series on "The Energy of...the Elements", we explored the energy of fire.

We asked listeners what they thought of when they heard the words "the energy of fire" and also how they bring fire into their lives. 

It was a very moving and heartfelt discussion.  We started off exploring fire as a foundational part of shamanic healing traditions and rituals, and then moved on to discussing the strong symbolism of fire representing our emotions and our essence.

Fire is a transformative energy; one that both honors lessons and attachments but also burns them away to make room for new experiences.

We also talked about the duality of fire and it's ability to both destroy and create, as witnessed during and after the wildfires that have impacted so many of us.  Again, we talked about the symbolism of how the same can happen in our inner world when we tap into the energy of fire.

❤️‍🔥  The heart of the conversation, though, centered around how many of us feel our own fire within us.  Sometimes we (and the world) don't know what to do with that inner fire.  It is beautiful and bright and intense, but doesn't always sync up with our outside worlds.  

Listen in as people shared how they shine their inner fire without overwhelming those around them.

Thanks to all who participated.



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