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As we continue our exploration into the energy of the elements, today we both talked about and experienced the energy of water.  aaah...it was beautiful and refreshing.

As guests came to the stage to talk about how they connect with the energy of water, we heard common themes and unique nuggets of wisdom that we can all play with and explore in our lives.  We heard:

⚖️  Water brings BALANCE into our lives by cooling our fire when it becomes overwhelming and reinvigorating our cells like water nourishes the plants. 

🧘🏼   STILLNESS is a characteristic of water that we can bring into our bodies and our lives.  Water's natural state is to always rise or fall in order to achieve a state of equilibrium.  Can we do that as well?

🤔  CURIOSITY is another thing that people associated with water.  We look into the depths & mysteries of the ocean and wonder "What else is happening in there?".  We can be curious and look into the depth and mystery of ourselves and uncover some of our own wonders!

❄️  Water changes forms - liquid, ice, vapor - and during that "phase transition" there is often chaos.  But, FROM CHAOS COMES CREATION.  There was strong symbolism here to what is happening in our world right now and the hope that we are actually creating something greater amidst the chaos.

🎓  Water carries with it the WISDOM & INFORMATION of the ages.  Through the water cycle, the energy of water circulates around the world, has limitless experiences and carries that wisdom to the next place.  Can we tap into that information?

These are just the tip of the iceberg (pun intended 😁) of the things that we discussed during this conversation. 

I hope you'll listen in and enjoy the experience!



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