Regular free discussions, meditations & healing circles happen on both Zoom and the Clubhouse app.

In Clubhouse, go to the "Everything is Energy" House and explore the schedule.

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Access the live Calendar on the Soulful Navigation app for Apple, Google Play or in a browser.



The Clubhouse app is a social audio app that enables us to use our authentic voices to connect and share. 

Clubhouse is like an interactive podcast combined with supportive community features

It allows us to talk, heal, learn, connect, and share, all within a safe space that is easy to use.

Our conversations happen in the "Everything is Energy" House.


 No video. It's audio-only.

✨ No likes or comments

✨ Multi-task while you listen

✨ Come as you are

✨ Listen or share

✨ Enjoy a safe space to explore your energy

✨ Ask questions in a written chat

✨ Grow together as a community


  1. Download the Clubhouse app from the Apple Store or Google Play
  2. Create a profile; it can be as descriptive or as blank as you want, and can be updated later
  3. Go to this link or use the Search icon at the bottom to type in "Everything is Energy" and look in the House tab. Swipe downward if you don't see the Search bar.
  4. Click on the "Everything is Energy" House and click the JOIN button at the bottom.
  5. The schedule is located at the top of the page, and you can swipe left to see upcoming discussions.
  6. You can RSVP to an event or add a discussion to your calendar by clicking on the "..." next to the event.
  7. At the start time, click on the conversation and press "Join the room in progress".
  8. Note that you can listen to a live discussion on Clubhouse in a browser if you have the direct link to the conversation.
  9. Listen to replays by clicking on the "..." at the very top of the "Everything is Energy" House page.