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We ARE earth energy.  We don't connect to earth's energy.  We simply ARE earth's energy.  

We are not separate from the earth.  The earth's heartbeat reverberates within us.

This was an incredible message from today's podcast on "The Energy of...the Earth".

Similar to how we are also all made of Source energy, we are made of earth's energy.  We don't find these energies, we ARE these energies. 

Many people understand the connection to Source energy, but the parallel concept that we are also earth energy is often overlooked in our conversations about energy.

We often get caught up in the experience and the conversations about the energy of the universe.  I do it too.  I spend a lot of time in my upper chakras connected to the ether and swimming in Source energy.

Today I was reminded that the earth and her energy is an equal player in my human experience.  Earth reminds me that I am here to experience my physical existence.  I am a spirit with a body, and the earth helps to anchor me in this human journey. 

Our physical bodies are the connectors between the cosmos and the earth.  How cool is that?

Acknowledging and experiencing the earth energy within us is a great way to cultivate a sense of support, stability and safety in our day-to-day lives.

Listen in to this beautiful discussion to hear what others had to share about how they connect to and use the energy of the earth to enhance their lives.

And check out my mini-course "What does it mean to be grounded?" to explore and experience earth's energy on a deeper level.



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